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Hi there! I’m Simon Rodrigues.

I’ve spent nearly a decade working as a management consultant and startup operator, getting underneath the strategic challenges that make startups sink or swim. In the process, I’ve seen billions of dollars worth in deals on both sides of the negotiating table, both as a skeptic advisor and optimistic second-in-command.

I’ve set out as a freelance consultant to spread what I’ve learned, helping startups grow through empowered storytelling.

What I Do

My work sits at the nexus of strategy, storytelling, and writing. These are the typical engagements that I work on:

Brand Narrative 📜

Defining your value proposition, elevator pitch, and brand positioning is both art and science. Those who do it well can find customers and capital at a blistering pace; those who don’t will struggle to survive. My work unlocks a story that excites customers, investors, and employees to take action.

Growth & GTM Strategy 📈

Many debate what ‘strategy’ actually means for a startup, but pedantry is irrelevant. Good strategy articulates a winning plan for your team and board. My job is to be the forcing function and sounding board for that plan, whether its to fundraise, build a new business unit, or structure a new operating model.

Content Writing ✍🏽

Every company has an exceptional opportunity to translate its internal expertise into customer acquisition. Unwritten content is untapped value. I’ll help you to document, refine, and share that expertise that through blogs, articles, and whitepapers that burnish your reputation as a trusted voice within your niche.

Bespoke Projects 🤔

Not every need fits into a neat project title. In addition to the above, I offer bespoke ‘super-days’ of workshops and intensive consulting. I’m also available for speaking and moderation engagements.

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About Me

Prior to going freelance, I worked as an MBB management consultant and Chief of Staff. You can get more of a flavour by checking out my LinkedIn and Twitter.

I live between London and Mexico City, (foolishly) supporting Arsenal while leading vegan taco tours and writing doggerel for myself.